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Client Testimonials

I have been visiting Urban Chic now for several years and I have never once left disappointed. Amy, Jess and the Girls have seen me go brunette, blonde, red, short, long and everything in between.

The girls always make a particular effort to make sure I feel comfortable and urban chic does an excellent job at creating the perfect place to escape, a place to relax.

I always seem to enter the salon feeling like my hair is falling out after a long and busy day at work but I always leave looking and feeling fresh and like a brand new person. Urban chic, you have always been amazing. I never hesitate to recommend this salon to anyone and everyone. I am looking forward to the many hairstyles and years to come.

Kim P


I have been a client of Urban Chic since 2006. Before that, I was a serial hairdresser visitor - I would visit one place two or three times, and then try somewhere new. I started to dread having my hair cut, because the outcome was never quite what I wanted. Since I started going to Urban Chic, I can honestly say I have never been anything less than happy with my hair (and receiving hair compliments from strangers doesn't do any harm, either!). No matter how vague my directions, or how unlike my own hair the picture I bring along is, I always end up with a style that I love right up to my next appointment. Amy is incredible at interpreting - she asks the right questions, and gives suggestions and recommendations about what will work best for me before we start with a new style.

I really appreciate the effort that goes into the atmosphere of the salon - from Easter weekend overhauls of the whole interior, to custom wallpaper and new hair colour ranges - there is something to find out about every time I visit. It's clear that innovating is part of the ethos of the salon, and all of the staff get behind this.

Penny L


I used to say I was a hair ‘wh**e’! I found I could only get a couple of good cuts or colours and then it all felt a bit stale or I would end up with something I didn’t ask for or it didn’t look anything like the picture. So, I would move on, regularly! I tried ten different salons all over Brisbane in an eighteen month period.


A friend of mine said to go and see Amy at Urban Chic at Ashgrove. I held off a bit thinking that if I went there and then left it would be a bit awkward if I just stopped going like I usually did.


I explained to my friend that I was a hair wh**e and didn’t remain faithful for very long! She insisted I should at least ‘give Amy a go’, that she was great to talk to and very creative and experienced.


I am awed to say I have officially ‘hair-married’ Amy and the team at Urban Chic and have been in an ecstatically monogamous hair relationship for over five years! The honeymoon period has never worn off !

Tina C


Having moved to Brisbane recently I had tried a number of hairdressers and it wasn't until I found Amy at Urban Chic in Ashgrove that I was happy with the cut, service and price.  The salon is up to date and so is their knowledge of all the latest techniques.  Thanks Amy!

Jacqui M


Fantastic service and true professional who love what they do.  Very talented hairdressers who actually listen to their clients needs.

Tiarna L


Have been seeing Amy for the past two years after a bad experience (and hair cut) with another local hairdressing salon. The staff are always prompt, friendly and never leave you waiting for hours waiting for your hair to be washed or styled. Amy has recently encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and go for a new style. All I've had ever since is compliments, compliments and more compliments :-)



Amy is an excellent hair stylist and I always leave feeling like a new woman. She has a knack for really listening to her clients and providing the best possible hair solution. She is sometimes running a bit late because she is so popular but the results are definitely worth the wait. I won't let anyone else cut my hair now, ever.

Charlotte L


Urban chic hairdressers have done a great job in both styling my hair and giving me the most suitable look for me. some of my female friends in Ashgrove are regulars here and I can understand why! very trendy! many thanks!



Wonderful find in my local area.  Able to accommodate for those last min appts where possible, quality service and they are so reasonably priced - it's rare to find amazing hairdressers that don't take you to the cleaners.  Thanks Urban Chic!

Google User


Love these guys.  They have a solid business with many steady clients and a wonderful team of stylists.  Recommend Urban Chic hairdressers very highly.

Google User


Just great. Thank you for looking after my Mum's 60th birthday preparations.

Google User


A new hairdresser always makes me a little nervous as I like to give very basic instructions and leave the rest to them.  The cut didn't stray very far from my previous style, long hair w side fringe, adding a few more layers, a little bit more of an edge to my fringe and some light shaping around my face.  I am so happy with the results!  I also loved that I was able to get an appointment on the same day and that they have standardised price list.

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